You just made up that part about the spider monkey, didn't you?

Maybe. Maybe not.

How long can you fly each day?

According to the FAA, I have a flying limit of 8 hours per day and a crew limit of 14 hours.  What that means is I can't fly more than 8 hours without resting at least 10 hours or work longer than 14 hours in one day, and that includes flying and non-flying work.  It's even confusing for me, so we'll talk about that as the need arises.

Will you pick up from airports other than Pensacola (PNS)?

Absolutely. Depending on where you want to be picked up, there may be a nominal reposition fee, but you'll be notified of that up front.

Q&A with the Captain

Do you charge by the trip or by the seat?

We charge by the trip which includes up to five people.  We have two rates:

Same Day Round Trip at $595/hour.

One Way Drop off/Pick up at $895/hour. (the extra $300/hour helps cover our cost coming home.

Can you fly at night?

Sure.  The airplane is equipped with everything necessary to fly at night.  Flying at night is some of the most relaxing flying--quiet radios, calm winds, beautiful star-lit skies.  Imagine having a meal with a colleague, then heading home to your family that night rather than spending a night in a hotel.  Please note that there will be a $200/hour surcharge for flying between the hours 11 pm and 6 am.  But you really don't want to be out that late, and neither do I. 

Are there any other charges?

Nobody likes being nickel and dimed, including me.  So the price you're quoted is the price you'll pay--nothing more; nothing less..

What about weather?

Good question...we can't fly in thunderstorms but we can usually circumnavigate them.  I have access to the same weather reports the airlines do, and the plane is equipped with onboard XM weather and lightening detection equipment which allows me to make decisions while in the air. Our biggest threat down here are the summer afternoon pop-up storms. Fortunately, they tend to pass quickly and we can usually circumnavigate them.  But there are times when I have to cancel or postpone just to be safe.  

How do I pay for this?

We accept credit cards when making your reservation, just like the airlines.  If the trip doesn't go due to weather or any other reason I cancels the flight, you'll get a full refund.  If you need to cancel your trip, let us know as soon as possible so we can fly other guests.  You may not like this part but...if you cancel within 48 hours from departure time, we do reserve the right to keep 25% as a cancellation fee.  We haven't had to do that yet, and we don't really expect the need to do it.  But, it's good information to know.

Getting back to weather...can you fly in the clouds?

Yes.  I fly Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) quite a bit and have to keep current.  Additionally, the airplane is equipped with several pieces of avionics required for IFR flight, including an autopilot that can fly me all the way down to landing limits--so when I wake up from my nap the airport is usually in front of me.--which is a good thing.

What do you mean by door-to-door?

Door-to-door means from the time you leave the front door of your home until you reach the door of your destination--hotel, meeting, beach, whatever. It's the total time it takes to get from Point A to Point B and includes TSA lines, pre-boarding wait, layovers, baggage wait, waiting in rental car shuttles/lines. And if you're round-tripping with me, we go home when you're ready and not when the airline says you can.

How long will you wait while I go to my deposition?  What about overnight?

I'll wait for up to 4 hours at no additional charge,then it's $55/hour after.  If  you need to stay overnight, I only charge $350/night.  Sometimes it makes sense to have me stay overnight depending on the length of your trip.  Because round-trip fares are $300/hour lower than one-way fares, you'll save money even if the flight's only an hour each way.

What about SEC, ACC, or NFL football games?

I'll get you there an hour or two before the game starts and leave about an hour after the final whistle blows.    Click here for more info about Game-Day Travel.    

What about cocktails?  Can I bring them or do you have them.

The FAA has rules against people bringing their own drinks aboard, but if you want something for the trip, let me know what you need and we'll work something out.

Will you fly outside the Southeast?

Sure! I've flown from here to Maine, Montana, and Vegas, baby in my airplane.  So while I love the South, I'll take you anywhere you want to go. Anywhere at all....

Except Mexico...there's still an angry husband holding a grudge from my younger days.  And the Caribbean--can't go there.  It's  long story but it involves a tattoo artist, a bottle of Cruzan rum, a treasure map, and a well-trained spider monkey.

What about Ground Transportation?

Most airports have rentals available. When you let us know what your ground transportation needs are we'll arrange it for you. 

How much luggage can I bring?

Most guests going on an overnight bring along a small wheeled-bag--about 25 lbs--but we can accommodate larger bags as well.  The question really depends on how many people are going and how far we're flying since it's all about balancing weight, fuel, and distance.

Can I bring food and drinks?

Sure!  (but just 3 oz of soda.)  I'm can bring any non-alcoholic beverages you'd like.  If you want a beer on your way home, let me know what kind you like and I'll pick up a six-pack for you. The FAA has a rule against people bringing their own cocktails aboard.

What's the plane like inside?

In the back she has four wide, leather seats in a club seating arrangement, along with a beverage center and plenty of room for carry-ons.  Club seating is where two seats face forward and two face the rear--this way you can chat, you your at a club.

Can you land at smaller airports?

Absolutely.  As long as it's paved and meets the minimum length, I can land at the hundreds of little airports in the Southeast. Most of the time my clients need to land at the small ones to be closer to their meeting/project/hunting camp.  Did you know there are a half-dozen other airports around Atlanta?  So unless your meeting's at Hartsfield, I'm going to save you time and hassles.

Come on, Captain, you can beat the airlines' times, for reals?

I know.  It sound's crazy...but Delta wants you there 75 minutes prior to departure; I'd like you there 10 minutes before we leave--so there's an hour savings right there.  For longer flights like to Dallas, American is 2:15.  With us, it's 3:45 (1:30 longer), but if you factor in how long you wait in TSA lines, baggage claim, and rental car lines, and the fact that we can land closer to your actual destination, we're very competitive.  And I still blow them away on comfort and convenience.  With them, you're one of 100 passengers.  With me, you're my only guest.