Raleigh: 3:45

Gainesville: 2:00

Baton Rouge: 1:30

Atlanta, GA 2:00

North: PDK (Dekalb-Peachtree)

East:   LZU (Lawrenceville)

South: FFC (Atlanta Regional)

West:  FTY (Fulton County)

Dallas: 3:35

North:  DTO (Denton)

East:   ADS (Addison)

South: RDB (Red Bird)

West:  FTW (Fort Worth)


Times are based on one-way, straight-line distance and do not take winds aloft or ATC routing into account.  Headwinds will make the trip longer, tailwinds will make it faster, and ATC will make it safer.

Nashville: 2:30

Miami: 3:00

Jackson: 1:20

NOLA: 1:10

Austin: 3:45

Louisville: 3:15

Memphis: 2:10

Destination: Anywhere

Tallahassee: 1:00

Tampa: 2:10

Birmingham: 1:30.

Houston: 3:00

North: DWH (Hooks Memorial)

East:   HPY  (Baytown)

South: EFD (Ellington)

West:  SGR(Sugar Land)