Recruiting Trips

Off Campus Recruiting

You've got five top prospects in five different parts of the Southeast and you've got to see them in two days.  And most of them live in rural areas, far from the commercial airports.  There's no way an airline's going to be any help, and the budget won't allow a chartered jet to get you there, and you're sure as hell not going to make it driving. Fortunately, I've got you covered.  You only pay for the hourly rate of flight, a per diem fee for non-flight days, and my overnight expenses--the sames ones you have.

Official Visits to the Campus

When you're ready to offer the student athlete an official visit, I'll be happy to fly out to pick them up, make them feel like a superstar, and deliver them safely to your airport.  I'll even swing by your airport and pick up a coach or two for the ride so they can spend as much time with the student athlete as possible.  As a bonus, parents can join him at no additional cost.

NCAA RULES: (but you already know this...)

Whenever an aircraft (other than a commercial airplane) is used to transport a prospect, payment for its use shall be at the established charter rate for the airport where the aircraft is based. [B] For Southeast Air Shuttle, our rate is $595/hr Round Trip and $895/hr One-Way.