Wide leather seats for five passengers, XM radio, refreshment center, and outlets for electronics so you can be productive enroute.

Your Pilot

Captain Eric Kline holds an Arline Transport Pilot certification for multi-engine aircraft, a commercial certification for single-engine aircraft, and a private seaplane rating.  He's holds a Bachelor's degree in Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, He's also a U.S. Air Force veteran, having proudly served his country spying on the Russians from a beach in Greece.  He's the proud father of a daughter who's currently attending Ole Miss.

Your Experience

Save Time Door-to-Door

No lines and no connecting flights. Travel to smaller airports where rental cars are delivered right to your plane.  These are some of the ways we save you time on the ground and beat the airlines in door-to-door travel times.

Your Aircraft


It's your plane, so you decide if you want to bring crying babies, that obnoxious guy from sales, or your entire family with you at no additional costs.


While she may not make the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs, at 181 mph she can get you around the South door-to-door faster than the airlines. 


Inspected and approved by the FAA. She Includes triple-redundant NAV systems, triple-redundant attitude indicators, and back-up electrical systems. 

We Wait While You Succeed

While you're out doing your thing, we'll stick around the airport for a few hours at no additional charge, then bring you home when you're finished.  If you need to stay longer, we'll work that out too.       

Reasonable Rates

We charge a flat rate of $595/hr for a same day round-trip and $895/hr for a one-way trip for up to five guests.  And we'll save you precious time and money by eliminating the associated costs of overnight travel including hotel, meals, and other expenses.  You can even buy in bulk and save more!

Our Guests

Most of our guests need to be somewhere in the Southeast then want to be home that evening. Others have multiple stops over a day or more. Some have to be places the airlines don't serve.  In any case, we can help save time and money.